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No time to translate - so whatever is here was probably written in English. Or translated for a friend. Links are given as often as possible to the original place where the text first appeared.

No promises when and if there will be new stuff. But you are cordially invited to come and see. 

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This page is made for reading. If you have expected any other form of entertainment - I am telling you here and now: there is not and is not previewed to be. Everything published at this site is a fiction (whether artful is another question) and does not correspond to the reality. Any coincidence with real events, existing subjects, objects or persons with the same or similar names (except the names of the sweets, the cakes and the meatballs), is accidental and unintentional. Each and every reader of this page accepts unconditionally the stated above and is solely personally responsible for any personal understanding and interpretation of the fiction here published.

Anyone who does not agree with the above rules is cordially but firmly requested to leave this page without additionally charging his or her senses. There are so many more pleasant ways to fill one's time without self-torture with another person's fables.  

Cordially yours;

67,  also known as Sister Grimm, Sister Eye-Liner, Sister Foundation, Sister Nail-Polish (the previous four are bestowed to me by my honorary Godfather), 67А,  67AF or Kritikanzer (the last one is my husband's creation).